Management seminars

The University of St. Gallen (HSG) offers various public and in-house certificate courses based on the St. Gallen Management Model (SGMM). This means:

  • First, the SGMM, its key categories, and their interrelations are explained and concretized based on specific practice-related challenges.
  • Second, all practice-related problems and questions explored in these courses are structured, reflected on, and approached based on the SGMM. This enables participants to gain not only a profound understanding of such problems, but also of the SGMM — as a helpful working tool for management practice.
  • Third, the structure and didactics of these courses are based on the SGMM’s understanding of management as a reflective design practice. As such, courses are consistently designed as reflection and innovation partnerships geared toward effectively advancing one’s own management practice (management innovation).
  • Fourth, we develop and offer in-house programs jointly with selected companies and organizations. These close partnerships serve to tailor seminar concepts to our partners’ needs and concrete practice-related challenges. Like our public seminars, these in-house programs lead to certified degrees and recognized credits (ECTS).