The scientific basis of the SGMM comprises practice theory (“practice turn”) and the latest systems theory, i.e., systemic communication theory. Equally important for the SGMM are empirical findings within our research programs from business practice that we have been gained from helping our field partners tackle concrete management challenges. Our partners include highly diverse expert organizations such as technology companies, hospitals, creative economy enterprises, or large scientific think tanks.

The SGMM’s ongoing further development has rested on intensive exchange with the international scientific community. That is why we have started a Distinguished Management Scholar Series. As part of this series, an intensive exchange with Henry Mintzberg took place in September 2019.


«The book continues and updates the system-oriented view for which St. Gallen has become rightly well-known. It provides a distinctive language and integrative model for understanding and managing value creation in organizations. In this new edition, the authors successfully integrate time-tested concepts from systems theory with recent developments in management studies, such as practice theory and sensemaking. The result is an accessible set of ideas that will help new and seasoned managers to navigate the complexities of their tasks, reflect on their daily challenges, and strengthen the collective imagination of their  organization.»

Davide Nicolini, Professor, University of Warwick