Research programs

The research programs of the Research Center for “Organization Studies” explore questions of strategy, management, organization, change, and innovation in exchange with the international scientific community and in cooperation with various companies and organizations. This research is always conceived as joint reflection and innovation partnerships based on mutual trust and firmly oriented toward the long term.

Research program Health Care Excellence (HCE)

Based on intensive reflection and innovation partnerships with innovative healthcare actors (organizations, networks), HCE develops an integrated management and organizational approach benefitting this sector. HCE research investigates fundamental processes of change and management innovation. The knowledge thus gained flows back into practice via process support, training and qualification programs. Scientifically, the HCE research program contributes to further developing systemic and process-oriented organizational and management research.

Research program RISE Management Innovation Lab

As the strategic core of action, business owners, entrepreneurial communities, supervisory and executive board members, and senior managers are committed to maintaining and advancing their companies’ capacity to create value, compete, act, make decisions and change, as well as cultivate their management practice. The RISE Lab research program addresses these dynamics as practice and process of management innovation. The RISE Lab, as a platform for management innovation, enables business owners and scientific researchers to work in various cooperation formats on the management practice of the future: exemplary case studies, strategic expert dialogues, pragmatic modelling, business experiments, fundamental reflexivity, scientific publications.

Research program Systemic Management

The research program in Systemic Management examines communication processes, practices, and architectures from the perspective of modern systems theory with regard to their contribution to effective management practice. Research findings flow back into practice through educational partnerships with selected partner organizations. Personality and company development are intertwined in an innovative way.